The  music of Hard Working Boss has everything to get our toes twitching: a deceiving sweetness, catchy hooks, heady choruses and lanky melodies that hit home hard. All this takes place in a strange state of semi-hinged relaxation as bedroom songs, bubbling with charisma, stretch themselves out indecently over a patchwork of sounds from another decade. This is more or less what you can expect from the second album of Brit in Paris, Jim Sheppard, who has been described as the unworthy successor to Pavement (with his unapologetic DIY approach), Grandaddy (for the chilled-out keyboards) and The Beatles (for obvious reasons). He’s back with Revulva following his 2013 debut production - the politely named Bonjour Fucker.


Seven years in the making?


Not quite. But behind the artist determined to build something

new from old and to create weird analogue pop anthems on a shoestring (with equipment and musicality which rely heavily on the subtle art of salvage), lurks a lyricist as upbeat as he is unwoke. With a unique combination of  phlegm and breezy aimiabilty, Hard Working Boss manages to stir both laughter and unease in the listener. This is pushed to new highs (and lows!) in his second album.

Nothing is spared in this everyday pop odyssey where the

pathetic rubs shoulders with the profound in a series of hilarious

sketches that portray the author as a true 21st century man. He

swaggers effortlessly between his (sexual) impulses, his (lost)

loves, his (immobile) weaknesses and his (well... mobile) phone.

You might feel a bit dirty every time you listen to Revulva, but you’ll be back for more. You’ll be doing the walk of shame (but loving it), happy to immerse yourself in this biting lo-fi pop with its irresistible venom.


So why not let the kids have a listen?

But for the love of goodness... grown ups steer clear.

It's hard not to fall for the music of Hard Working Boss. Then again, you might hate it.

Hard Working Boss reveals himself to be an irrefutable pop songwriting artist  who hits the mark in each song

-Virginie Guichaoua, Pinkushion


Jim not quite hitting the mark in his Star Trek New Generation T-shirt.

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