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Bonjour Fucker!//


HWB's debut album // Jim experiments with altered guitar tunings and spices up his songwriting with edgier, more personal lyrics. He alienates core fanbase - mum and dad.

What timezone had to say about it:

Don't be fooled by Jim Sheppard's angelic face and polite demeanour. Dig deeper and you'll find that this Brit washed up in Paris is in fact a devilishly good songwriter with a biting wit. The bouncy electronic loops and pared-down lo-fi feel of his songs are betrayed by their acerbic lyrics. The music is playful, sometimes almost twee, and full of knowing winks to other artists. Hard Working Boss has created a new kind of pop, where faux-blasé lyrics meet beautiful melodies.

REVULVA album 

The HUNGER single

29/04/20: After a 7-year break, Hard Working Boss unleashes OCD Girlfriend onto the world.


In contrast to the hastily cobbled-together video, the cover art is surprisingly well drawn. The artist particularly enjoyed "getting the breasts just right".

OCD Girlfriend//

single 29/4/20

Goodness, this video took a long time to make!  I was set to make a fancy film but then Covid-19 hit Paris. Luckily, plucky artist has flash (yes, flash!) on his obsolete Windows 7 PC (yes, windows 7!). This minor masterpiece is the result.

Warning: the dancer in the video is a trained professional - do not attempt to throw these shapes at home!


There's a new album out on the block and it's called REVULVA. Any similarity on cover to real persons - living, dead, or dumped - is purely coincidental.

Listen here and be appalled.

Jazzmag video

If we ever had any doubts that HWB was  a colossal pervert, this lo-fi video finally puts the matter to rest.

In Britain, "jazzmag" is a slightly archaic term for "pornographic magazine". You probably didn't realize you would be learning so much culture here, did you?


A whopping

75% of viewers consider this man to be a fiend.


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