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The Beatles once again rip off struggling Parisian artist

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

That's right, the 'fab' four are up to their old tricks again. This time they have stolen the artwork of obscure Parisian artist, Hard Working Boss.

The two images above might look unrelated at first glance, however taker a closer look and you might find some disturbing similarities.

"Four big heads along with some smaller people tangled in the hair" as art critic Brian Sewell described it.

However, whereas the original Revulva is a celebration of women and/or a depiction of the girls the artist may or may not have bedded, The Beatles' Revolver reveals them to be the narcissists we always knew they were - a lazy depiction of John, Paul, George and an unflattering look up Ringo's nose.

Hard Working Boss declined to comment however he is currently believed to be seeking compensation in the form of followers on Spotify.

More updates as the story develops.

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